29 April 2015

Word Cloud

Ask an open question and view the answer in a WorldCloud !

Very practical solution to address a topic or to awaken the public …. the word cloud is often used as ice breaker!

Our exclusive system to analyze, in real time, the words sent by the public. This solution is usually used as “Ice Breaking” and meets a high turnout.

We offer 2 solutions :

  • An automatic analysis of all the words sent by the public, followed by a calculation of recurrence of each word (through questions / reactions) allows the creation of a true cloud dynamic words.
  • You ask an open question and we automatically manage the creation of the word cloud based on responses and according to the recurrence of words received.

Graphics 100% customizable !!

You can choose to customize:

  • fonts (6 levels!)
  • the colors of each font
  • the background image, even a video background

WordCloud totally animated, possibility of color shifting during transitions!

If you wish to freeze the display, simply press “S” as the stop, and the display is frozen to allow a more serene debrief!


  • Catching visual: Customize your cloud (color, font, background …) to get a quality rendering. This visual will be used for your post-event communication media.
  • Maximum involvement rate: The fun and dynamic aspect of the solution will encourage viewers to participate and exchange.
  • Moderation upstream and live: Possibility of establishing a black list of words that you do not want to appear in your cloud.
  • Multi-moderation: moderation installing multiple stations

Construction of a LIVE word cloud: