29 April 2015

Voting Keypad, still fast and efficient to question his audience

Voting Keypad Click

If the place does not capture the GSM signal, you have many attended and want your audience to react without using their phone, voting boxes are the solution! Our electronic voting keypad system enables economical and efficient way to survey everyone at the same time, in one click!

Boîtier de vote

You can set up a system to allow the public to:

  • Answering a QCM.
  • Make a quiz with points system.
  • Organize a quiz, like a TV game.
  • Making a Blind Test.
  • Vote at general meetings.
  • Ask questions of the speakers … or all interactive ideas!

Effective and sustainable

  • Lightweight (-30g)
  • Long battery life thanks to low consumption electronics
  • A closed and secure wireless network, you are sure that everyone will respond
  • The system works perfectly in other wireless networks and can be deployed in a room of 90x90m.

Extended possibilities

  • Display replies in the form of histograms, pie charts …
  • Ability to segment the population along live requested criteria (eg the region).
  • Case possibility of anonymous or associate nominally a response to a person.
  • Question QCM up to 99 possible answers and multiple choice answers until 9 or “Assessment” (rating from 1 to 10).

MobilActif offers a turnkey solution that includes 6 phases:

  • Collection of your goals, advice for the best use of interactivity.
  • Creating interactive questions and answers summary graphs (100% customizable).
  • Preparation and verification of hardware.
  • Installation, test and repeat on site.
  • Conduct interactive sessions and displaying answers.
  • Export results saved in Excel, and PowerPoint files.
  • Operating results for the production of detailed further analysis (optional).

HD keypad

The interactive electronic voting keypad provides a significant level of involvement of the public. This portable keypad “all in one” allows participants to fully interact and contribute to the content and results of your meeting.


  • Questions
  • Quiz
  • Tag clouds
  • Microphone

Technical features:

The case uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It uses a proprietary radio protocol based on FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), which provides excellent reach (100 meters) and robustness to interference and increases safety.