30 April 2015

Vote / Quiz by text


All Together!

Rhythming your event with votes or quizzes creates fun breaths, which can be rich in information. On the one hand, they generate a simultaneous collective action, followed by a slight time of suspense before the announcement of the results in real time. Asking the audience a question at the outset helps, for example, to break the ice and create a warm atmosphere. On the other hand, it allows you to probe opinion, test knowledge, identify trends… With our Vote & Quizz SMS solution, you can organize a quiz, create a QCM, ask a question, do a poll, elect the public’s favourite… Be creative to make your audience responsive!

How does it work?


  • You post your question on stage with the proposed answers.


  • You invite your audience to vote by SMS via a free 10-digit number (06 XX XX XX XX), or our voting keypads, or our EventApp.


  • The voting results are then automatically integrated into a hyper-personalized graphical interface.
  • They display and evolve live as dynamic graphics.
  • Contest Option: At the end of the event, a draw is held among all SMS messages sent to select one or more winners. An SMS is sent to the winner(s) with instructions to make themselves known [modalities to be defined].
  • Thanks SMS Option: a thanks SMS message can be sent to all participants at the end of the vote or event. The content of the messag
Some examples ...
Most of the " Vote & Quiz " solution
  • Hyper-personalization: the display of your votes and quizzes is 100% personalized to your image. We configure them with your logo, your graphic chart, your type of message display and your favourite typography, the background image of your choice…
  • Multi-source: your audience has the choice to vote via different channels: SMS, our voting keypads or directly from our EventApp.
  • Multi-sites: regardless of the number of guests, all can vote simultaneously. The results can be displayed on multiple screens and in different locations.
  • Discretion: everyone votes totally anonymously.
  • Content creation and information source: you get rich teaching content, useful feedback.
  • Post-event communication: after the event, it is possible to stay in touch with the participants via SMS.
  • Trust MobilActif, the leader in interactive voting by SMS or WebApp.


  • DÉCATHLON: implementation of an SMS voting system for the election of the 3 Innovations Awards (annual event broadcast live on the Internet internationally) by the public off and online.
  • CAMPANILE: development of a web application to vote on 40 candidates in 8 categories. For security and voter identification, the vote was then validated by email.