30 April 2015

Vote / Quiz by text

Probe the audience of your event!

Enable your audience to vote by text:

  • Answer a quiz
  • Choose the public’s favorite
  • Give an answer to a specific question

The principle

Ask multiple choice questions to your audience, consult the results of the votes in real time.


  1. Participants send their vote by text
  2. The message will look like «Send your vote to the 06 XX XX XX XX »
  3. The results of the vote are integrated into a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Participation in the vote costs the price of a regular text message for participants. Free text messages don’t exist in France. We have a real-time graph which gives the results of the vote in the form of a dynamic chart.

In the case of many questions:
We advise you to cut the votes according to the letters of the alphabet. First Vote: A = yes; B = no. Second vote: Choice of C, D, E, F etc. It also helps not to mix the results. We can put in place a significant number of votes but we recommend you to limit this number to the maximum to ensure a high turnout.

A 100% customizable solution : 

  • Your logo
  • Your graphic (font, text color …)
  • Showing votes (graphic, background color, animation, ..)
  • Background image


  • Thank you text message: immediately after sending the question by text or after the operation, a thank you text can be sent to all participants. The content of the message is 160 characters maximum.
  • Contest: at the end of the event, a random draw is carried out on all text messages sent, to designate one or more winners (to be defined). A text message is sent to the winners which asks them to call a phone number to make themselves known.


  • Creations of content: you get a rich content and a real feedback in real time.
  • Screening: Questions are screened then sorted to avoid abuse. This solution also allows you to ask the right questions to the right contacts at the right times.
  • Discretion: everyone can give their opinion and ask questions anonymously by text, even the most shy.
  • Extension: After the event, it is possible to answer the questions that have not been processed.
  • Multi-site: Hundreds of people can participate simultaneously and the on-screen display can be done at different locations.