31 May 2019

Virtual Reality for your events


A 100 % immersive experience

Virtual reality and augmented reality offer their users immersion experiences in a world that is either fully or partially generated virtually. Thanks to the HTC Vive helmet, your guests can, during the time of your event, experience unique thrills : visit places in the four corners of the world, walk in the void at the top of New-York buildings, take a seat in a hellish roller coaster, become the heroes of a game more real than life… The possibilities are endless. An out of the ordinary, ultra-playful, state-of-the-art experience.

How does it work ?
  • Contact us in order to choose together the immersive experience most suitable for your event.
  • We move, with our hardware (computer, HTC Vive headset, screen 55») and install our VR booth on the site of your event.
  • Your audience comes to discover a unique experience that they will remember!
Some examples ...

Virtual Reality advantages

  • A unique and unforgettable experience : the HTC Vive helmet allows your audience to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world and to live the VR experience 100%. Often focused on thrills, animation stays in the memories for a long time.
  • Maximum participation rate : thanks to its playful and technological character, the animation attracts the curious public and fond of new experiences. The participation rates in our RV events are always maximum.
  • An original moment to share : always surprising in terms of realism and emotion, animation allows users to exchange ideas about their experience, while introducing them to cutting-edge technology.


Mobilactif offers you several interactive solutions that will not leave your guests indifferent …


  • With more than 15 years of expertise in mobile technologies related to events, we advise you on the most appropriate interactive / participative solutions and the best technologies for your project.
  • A unique project manager accompanies you from taking the brief until the delivery of post-event reports.
  • We " hyper-personalize " our products in respect of your visual identity.