29 April 2015

SMS Campaign

SMS is the most effective way to communicate, invitations, promotions, traffic building, … 95% of sent SMS messages are read within 3 minutes after sending!

Examples of uses

  • Sending invitation to an event.
  • Sending promotional product with discount code.
  • Sending a thank you note after an event.



 Our first offer enables you to communicate at low prices. We  send SMS from a 10-digit number.                                                                

  Features :

  • SMS-mailing.
  • No acknowledgment of receipt.
  • No customization of the sender.
Offers provides for more demanding customers, eager to get feedback on their sending and a more personalized system.Features

  • Mass mailing and broadband.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt for each SMS sent.
  • Customizing the transmitter, channel allows you to replace the number of the sender of the text of your choice, eg your brand.