16 July 2015

Rent iPads


A simple turnkey solution provided

Whether for the use of our solutions or to meet a hardware need, we offer you the rental of iPads mini.

Why renting iPads?

  • Limit your costs: renting iPads allows you to take full advantage of interactivity via iPad without incurring storage costs.
  • Take advantage of the latest models: we make every effort to meet your quantitative and qualitative needs.
  • Have pre-configured tools: the use of Apple tools has no secret for us, we offer you the possibility to rent iPads configured according to your needs (wallpaper, applications, etc.) by us.

For which use?

  • Using the MobApp: you want to use our MobApp solution during an event but not all of your participants have the right smartphone. The rental of iPads mini makes interactivity accessible to all your participants. You issue your need and we take care of everything (configuration, installation).
  • Using our LogoLive solution: you want to use our LogoLive tool but not all of your participants have a smartphone that can take pictures. Thanks to the rental of iPads mini, no excuse: your audience can take pictures and participate in the development of a common image.
  • Using our interactivity solutions independently: Q&A, voting & quizz, word cloud. The iPad facilitates access to all of these tools.

Cost of rental

from 25 € HT / day / iPad

Complementary solutions

  • Local wifi network: your event location does not pick up the GSM signal, or the internet – or receives it poorly? In addition to the iPads rental, MobilActif installs a 100% secure local wifi network that guarantees accessibility to all our interactivity solutions.
  • ibeacons: the use of these tags makes it possible to trigger an action on the device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) of a user when he approaches or moves away from a specific place: activation of a module, appearance of a message, possibility of automatic login, opening a URL, etc.