16 July 2015

Rent iPads

Rent iPads for your events you can!

Whether to use our solutions or to meet a need equipment, we offer the rental of iPads and mini iPads 2G / 3G.

Why rent iPads?

  • Limit costs: Renting iPads will allow you to take full advantage of the interactivity via iPad without incurring storage costs.
  • Get the latest models: We do our utmost to meet your quantitative and qualitative needs.
  • Having pre-configured tools: Using Apple tools has no secrets for us, we offer you the possibility to rent iPads configured to your needs (wallpaper, application, …).

For what occasion?

  • Using the MobApp: You want to use our MobApp solution for all your events but participants do not have adequate smartphone. Renting iPad mini or 2G / 3G will allow you to make the interactivity accessible to all your participants. You tell us your needs and we take care of everything (rent, configuration, installation).
  • Using our product LogoLive: You want to use our LogoLive solution but all your participants do not have a smartphone that can take pictures. Renting iPads mini or 2G / 3G allows you to fix it. No more excuses to participate in the development of a common image, renting iPads will allow each of your participants to take a picture.
  • Using our interactivities independent solutions: Questions, voting, quizzes, word cloud, these solutions can be used through iPads.

Renting price: From 25 € HT / day / iPads

Complementary Solutions

Network WIFI & Local Network

In addition to renting iPads, we provide you the installation of a local wifi network. This allows you (in case the connection to the location of your event would be bad) to make the MobilActif interactivity solution accessible to all .

Interactivity new generation: iBeacons

The use of ibeacons can trigger an action on the device (smartphone, tablet …) of a user when it approaches or moves away from a specific place:

  • Enable a Module
  • Appearance of a message
  • Automatic login option
  • Opening a URL

You have an interactivity project or simply a need to rent iPads, feel free to send us your request now. Contact us