30 April 2015

Questions via text messages, WebApp, Twitter… give a voice to your audience !

Q & A

Your guests have the floor

Mobilactif was born in 2005 with a simple but innovative product: SMS questions! Simple and user-friendly, our bespoke system of Questions & Reactions allows you to collect in real time their questions or answers, comments or comments, sent by SMS, e-mail, Twitter or EventApp.

Messages are sent to the Secure MobilActive platform, where they are sorted and moderated. Then, once selected, they are displayed on a large screen via a video display. Thus, the interaction is instantaneous. Your audience expresses itself and engages, you answer it right away, while discovering its expectations, its questions, its desires and even its enthusiasms.Thanks to this interactivity, your event becomes more dynamic and its content is enriched by public participation.

How does it work ?


Participants send their questions and comments by SMS via a 10-digit free number (06 XX XX XX XX), e-mail, Twitter, or directly with our EventApp module.


The moderator you designate receives messages in real time on a secure web interface. From there, it can validate them, refuse them, edit them, classify them by themes… [PC as an option].


After moderation, the validated messages are integrated in a custom graphical interface to your image for display on large screen(s) via a video display.

Some examples ...

Most of the "SMS Questions or EventApp" solution

  • Hyper-customization: The display of your Q&A session is 100% customized to your image. We configure it with your logo, your graphic charter, your preferred type of message display and typography, the background image of your choice…
  • Multi-source: your audience has the choice to express themselves via different channels: SMS, e-mail, Twitter or directly via our MobApps.
  • Fluid connection of all actors: the host can, from an iPad, follow on stage the arrival of the questions and reactions in live, sorted and moderated in direction. He sees the most “liked” questions, can select the messages to display on the large screen… It is also connected with the management via a cat.


  • ERDF: implementation of an interactive system of questions by sms, moderated and then broadcast in the room on giant screen.