30 April 2015

Questions via text messages, WebApp, Twitter… give a voice to your audience !

Interactivity, dynamism and enrichment of content guaranteed!

 With our live questions solution, give speech in real time to your audience and finally be an actor during this event.

The principle

At any time during your conferences, your audience can give their opinion by sending their questions or their reactions by text (text message), e-mail, WepApp or Twitter. The participants messages are received on the MobilActif platform, analyzed and then displayed on the big screen through a video mixer.

KineVision will enable you to have an immediate interaction with the public and thus generate a high added value!


  1. Participants send their questions and comments by text, email, WebApp or Twitter.
  2. A moderator chosen by the client receives the messages. He can validate them, reject them, correct, or classify them by topic through a secure Web (PC optional) interface.
  3. After screening and validating the messages are integrated into a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to be displayed through a video mixer.
  4. During the entire event (preparatory meeting, rehearsals, events) we support you and we advise you in order to ensure the smooth running of the text campaign and a high participation rate.

A 100% customizable solution:

  • Your logo
  • Your graphic (font, text color …)
  • Display Graphics questions (bubble, sticky, square, round …)
  • Background image

To complete the set up, we recommend the use of an iPad:

We provide to the speaker on stage an iPad. The speaker consults the questions that have been previously sorted and validated by the moderator.

There is hence an increase in the response time for Q&A and it give the ability for the speaker to prepare his answers as well as to “chat” with the screener with the iPad.


Complete the question by text solution with a wordcloud or a vote by text.

Tag Cloud / WordCloud

Our system analyze, in real time, the words sent by the public. This solution is usually used as “Ice Breaking” meets a high turnout.

We offer 2 solutions :

  • Nuage de motsAn automatic analysis of all the words sent by the public, followed by a calculation of recurrence of each word (through questions / reactions) allows the creation of a true cloud dynamic words.
  • You ask an open question and we automatically manage the creation of the word cloud based on responses and according to the recurrence of words received.


Options :

  • Thank you text message: immediately after sending the question by text or after the operation, a thank you text can be sent to all participants. The content of the message is 160 characters maximum.
  • Wordcloud : Create a word cloud thanks to the content received via live questions. The most recurring words appear in a word cloud.
  • Vote by text : Ask multiple choice questions to your audience, the audience answer it by text and you consult the results of the votes in real time.