31 May 2019

Nestor the humanoid robot for your conventions


Interactive robot for your conventions

Nestor is the first robot connected directly with the audience of the event and MobilActif solutions!! He is the real spokesman for the room. The audience asks a question to a speaker via our web application. The question is moderated in management and then asked to the speakers by Nestor!


Nestor is surely the most popular robot of its generation, in addition to being at the cutting edge of technology, Nestor is able to exchange and interact with the audience allowing to speak in their names.These characteristics make him an attractive, smiling, autonomous and constantly evolving being.

As a true spokesperson Nestor is perfect for :

  • Your conventions
  • Your seminars
  • Your colloquia
  • And all your other projects…

Nestor in your events?

  • Surprise the audience by incorporating Nestor as master of ceremonies.
  • Upstream preparation so that everything is at your convenience: preparation of the staging, of a script, general rehearsal, etc…

Nestor's advantages

  • First humanoid robot animator interacting with the audience
  • Customizing to your company’s colours
  • Round design ensures safe operation
  • Natural interaction
  • A born animator
  • Multidisciplinary robot

Data sheet :
iche tech

SIZE : 120 cm of empathy and patience
WEIGHT : 28 kg but not a mm of fat!
To go further :
  • 12 hours of autonomy (promised this is wide)
  • 20 degrees of freedom that give it natural and expressive movements (as strong as Michael Jackson)
  • A tablet to facilitate man – machine interactions (Arnold is it you?)
  • A synthesis and voice recognition available in 12 languages
  • Perception modules to recognize and track people (worthy of a CIA agent)
  • Multiple touch zones, leds, sensory sensors, microphones for multimodal interactions, infrared sensors, bumpers, an inertial power plant, 2D and 3D cameras and sonars for autonomous omnidirectional navigation (no it is not a submarine)