30 April 2015

MoWall – Photo Animation 2.0

 What if you gave an interactive dimension to your events?

Animate your events, your evenings, exhibitions, conferences and stands and capture the best moments with MoWall a MobilActif 100% digital innovation! A true community wall where pictures are displayed dynamically & texts messages/Twitter reactions at your event!

The goal ?

The MoWall is an innovative interactive picture device for your event: we display on a giant screen an interactive slideshow of photos taken at events or by participating via Email / Twitter / Instagram / MobApp or by one of our photographers on site. In addition, guests can respond via text messages or Twitter and integrate these reactions on the screen. In order to create a truly interactive wall and give more dimension to your evening show or event!

How it goes ?

Participants send their photos via: email, Twitter, Instagram, or via MobApp a photographer who takes pictures throughout the event.
The pictures are collected on our secure servers and moderate.
The photos are then dynamically displayed on a giant screen in the form of an interactive slideshow. All pictures are simultaneously available on tablets or interactive terminals. Photos can also be shared on social networks (blog, Twitter, Instagram).
For more interaction with the public, participants can comment and send their message via text messages, Twitter and email. The comments are then inserted on the display screen. Participants can also send photos through the touch screen on their email adress, text messages or share them on social networks. The touch screens allow printing photos.


  • The “MoWall” solution is customizable.
  • Photos and text messages are received on our server.
  • Pictures, emails, Instagram, tweets and text messages are moderated.
  • Pattern on pictures. (Background, logo, etc.)
  • Display in automatic slideshow without refreshment.
  • Inserting text from text message, email or Twitter.
  • Photos can be send on smartphones’ participants with automatic formatting according to the phone screen format. For a digital memory!
  • Sharing photos to Twitter / Instagram and to a blog of the event.

MoWall is 100% customizable :

Nous pouvons personnaliser l’écran selon vos souhaits :

  • Twitter feeds
  • SMS feeds
  • Your logo
  • Your graphic (font, color …)
  • Background (Image, video …)
  • Picture gallery
  • Customizing photos :
    • Pattern on the form (editing, special effects …)
    • Adding your logo


  • You highlight the photos of your event, which are available on a giant screen.
  • You give greater reach to your event by connecting with social networks (Blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • You make your public actor of the event: they can react & share via text messages or on social networks!