30 April 2015

MoWall – Photo Animation 2.0


Innovative photo animation

Thanks to the MoWall photo animation, you can record and show the pictures live of your guests arriving via a WebApp, your photographer or a photo booth! Your guests do not have to wait for a gallery to be put online as the pictures are dynamically displayed throughout the event. Your giant screen becomes a real community wall. Like all of our solutions, the MoWall is fully customizable to your image. And if anyone wishes, he can leave with a professional impression of the clichés of his choice!

How does it work?

  • Pictures are loaded via: a photocall with a pro photographer // a photo booth // a webapp
  • The whole is recovered on our secure servers.
  • They are distributed dynamically and continuously on a large screen in the form of an interactive slideshow.
  • The pictures are also available simultaneously on iPads// interactive terminals for sending by e-mail or printing.
Some examples ...

Most of the " Mowall " solution

  • Hyper-personalization: you customize the display of your MoWall to 100% with your logo, background image, publication display time, typo, animation, etc. In case of photocall, this one is also customized according to your wishes.
  • Multi-sources: you choose to involve your audience via Twitter, mail, photographer or directly via our EventApp.
  • Maximum involvement rate: the fun and dynamic side promotes participation and involvement.
  • Moderation: moderation before any on-screen broadcast. You can reformulate a comment or delete a photo.
  • Professional quality: thanks to our network of professional photographers, you have the assurance of having successful and exploitable visuals on your communication media.
  • Virality: all content (photos and comments) can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… and thus spread beyond your event.


  • PERNOD RICARD : organization of a «selfie wall» in addition to a sharingbox photo animation.
  • TF1 EVENTS : photo animation for the 40th anniversary of the TF1 group.


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