29 April 2015

LogoLive, all gathered around the logo!


The human at the heart of your logo

LogoLive is a unique animation that brings your guests together in a unifying symbol: your logo. The photos of your guests taken via their phone or by a photographer appear on the screen as a dynamic slideshow. On your signal, the photos come together to turn into your logo! By associating their image with that of your company, this animation unites the participants around your values. Playful and even poetic, it reinforces group cohesion and sense of belonging during your event.

How does it work?


  • Your guests take pictures with their smartphone or are photographed by a photographer present (photocall).


All photos are sent in real time to our secure platform via the channel of your choice:

  • Twitter: via a #hashtag dedicated to your event, which will strengthen its virality,
  • Mail: via a dedicated address,
  • MobApp/ WebApp: developed by Mobilactif, the application integrates a photo module allowing sending directly to the moderation platform,
  • Photographer: The photographer transmits all the photos taken during the event to the MobilActif platform via a Wi-Fi module integrated into his camera or directly with his memory card.


  • The photos received are broadcast instantly on large screen as a dynamic slideshow.


  • When you want, live, at a precise moment, all the photos come together and form the logo of your choice!
Some examples ...

Most of the " Logolive " solution

  • Hyper-personalization: you customize the display of your LogoLive to 100%! Logo, background image, music of your choice, speed of the slideshow… Our solution is totally in your image.
  • Multi-source: you choose to engage your audience via Twitter, email or directly through our applications.
  • Maximum involvement rate: the selfie aspect, the fun and dynamic side promote participation, centered around your brand.
  • Moderation: the tool is fully configurable, you have the possibility to add photos upstream and delete unwanted ones.
  • Video rendering: a video of your LogoLive is sent to you post event.


  • MARCHE VIRTUELLE DES MALADIES RARES : virtual walk represented by the symbol of the daisy created from the photos of all persons in solidarity with the event.
  • VINCI : interactive animation to engage employees.
  • BOSTON SCIENTIFIC : animation for the executives.


  • With more than 15 years of expertise in mobile technologies related to events, we advise you on the most appropriate interactive / participative solutions and the best technologies for your project.
  • A unique project manager accompanies you from taking the brief until the delivery of post-event reports.
  • We " hyper-personalize " our products in respect of your visual identity.