29 April 2015

LogoLive, all gathered around the logo!

Everyone takes pictures with his smartphone or through a photographer.

Photos are available instantly as a dynamic slideshow … at your signal, photos become you LOGO !!

The purpose of LOGOLive:

Photos animates your event and strengthen cohesion around a common value (logo’s company) during an event.

  All together – Stronger together – Engaged together – Unity


  1. Participants take pictures with their smartphone or via a photographer
  2. Receipt of all messages and pictures on our platform and immediately available as a dynamic slideshow
  3. Broadcast pictures on a giant screen in the form of your logo

How to send photos?

  • Instagram & Twitter : via a #hashtag dedicated to your event
  • Email : via the creation of a dedicated email address for your event
  • MobApp : thanks to the application of camera module

Example LOGO-Live made in Oslo: