3 June 2019

HOPSCOTCH – We Are Opinion


HOPSCOTCH | WebApp & We Are Opinion


The “Land of Inspiration: Event and Territory Attractiveness” convention organized by Hopscotch Corporate at the Louvre Museum in Lens brings together more than 300 actors from the region, national and international.

Their wish? Give their event a strong digital and innovative dimension.

Hopscotch wanted a mobile application directly accessible via a smartphone, in order to allow a productive and participative interaction to evolve on the tracks of future event projects.

Our Answer

Mobilactif has implemented various solutions:

  • To allow the public to participate, 50 iPads were made available to guests on the day of the event.
  • The WebApp: a website developed by MobilActif and dedicated to the convention, can be consulted on mobile in order to improve interaction between participants during the event. This application has been completely customized and has offered all participants different modules:


The Questions & Answers: Allows you to immediately captivate your guests so they can interact instantly with the host.

Word Cloud: This module allows participants to answer questions in one word and visually represent the terms most often used.

The Quiz module: The quiz allows you to create a QCM or ask a question and thus create a warm atmosphere during the event.

The Logolive module: This is a unique animation allowing participants to take a selfie with their smartphone and so the photos turn into your logo, which allows a maximum involvement rate.

  • We are Opinion: This is what helped to encourage participation during the animation with a graphic rendering in 3D Live in order to make the audience actor thanks to a realistic rendering.

Results | This solution helped to

A living event with more than 300 participants.

Land of Inspiration has achieved its goals by modernizing its image with 3D Live rendering and has also succeeded in captivating its audience.