7 June 2019

FXM Logolive


Logolive with FXM

Testimony of Cyril Tassel, Project Manager at FXM Event


What do you enjoy most about working with MobilActif?

On behalf of FXM, I am delighted to share the satisfaction I get from my various collaborations with the MobilActif team. The key points for the success of our joint projects could be summarized as follows:

  • Availability upstream of the project. Not only the project manager with whom the project is being started, but also the technique (Christophe) and the board that brings additional creative value added to the delivery (Thibaut).
  • Confidence: within the execution time, compliance with constraints and also regarding technical feasibility.
  • Fluidity in the exchange of information and the various A/R of prod. An interlocutor who adapts to our needs.
  • Simplicity in how to democratize techno and implement solutions.

Would you recommend MobilActif?

I would recommend MobilActive without hesitation. For all projects that require creativity and interactivity with the public and the use of new technos. MobilActif was a team of pros with whom I enjoy co-building my projects.

Our last partnership

The customer had to present a figure that the employees were expecting! Throughout the day, the guests were able to take pictures with a Photobox. The Reveal of the figure was made by a smooth LogoLive!