13 May 2015

Décathlon – Vote by text


Décathlon | Vote par by TEXT


Each year, Décathlon organizes the Innovation Awards. An event which rewards sporting innovations passions Group brands.

Décathlon needed a solution to elect the three innovations Awards of the year . This event broadcast to all available direct and internationally, aimed primarily to vote participants who followed the event online. Décathlon therefore appealed to MobilActif  for their vote by text solution.

Our Answer

MobilActif responded by proposing a vote by text system. MobilActif set up a 10-digit number 06 40 30 48 78 to allow the audience to send their votes. Each of the products were identified with a number from 1 to 9. In order to vote, participants had to send a message with the product’s number for which they wanted to vote. He votes were then received on our platform, analyzed and displayed in live to the public.

Results | This solution helped to

  • To separate 10 products competing for the Innovation Awards 2015
  • Receiving close to 6,500 votes