30 June 2015

SNCF – WebApp


SNCF wanted a solution that allows them to achieve webex conferences with their agents throughout France. This solution would enable SNCF staff to attend training lecture on a subject sets via their workstations.

Our Answer

MobilActif developed a WebApp, an interactive application available via Internet Explorer 8 in the PC SNCF agents. Several application modules were then performed to fit interactive lectures and enable participants to exchange with speakers despite the distance. This solution was managed in total autonomy by the conference organizers. The modules available to allow: broadcasting a slideshow, inquiries, answer a quiz or download documents.

  • Conference organizers side:

The organizers connect to an administrator interface. During the broadcast a slide show, they have the opportunity to choose and force the display of a slide particularly through a slideshow of management module. The organizers are also able to moderate the questions received but also provide answers for the duration of the conference. By the end of training, they have the choice of submitting the participants in a satisfaction quiz about the conference.

  • Participants side:

Participants connect to a user via a web interface password. Via the home page of the interface, they have a choice between following the conference or while downloading documents. During the period of training, slides slideshow scrolls themselves, at any time, participants can ask questions, but also questions like the other participants. At the end of conference, they give their opinion on the training followed.