13 May 2015

ICADE – MobApp

Development of a dedicated application at a meeting managers organized by ICADE.


The company ICADE wanted at their  “Meeting of managers” event a solution to create interaction during this event but also a way to share information with employees. The employees were not all equipped with smartphones (IOS and Android). So,  had to find a solution that would allow each employee to get the application on a device.

Our answer

Developing a MobApp mobile application that allows employees at the event to check the calendar, the event’s map but also infos and news about the events as well as responding to a satisfaction survey. The application was carried out respecting the graphic codes and colors of ICADE. In addition, we proposed to lease iPod Touch for employees who do not have smartphones with Android or IOS technology.

This solution allowed:

  • Create interactivity between 200 group employees
  • Some participants to access the application through the use of iPod Touch