30 June 2015

Armée de Terre – MobApp


Armée de Terre| MobApp on iPads



The Army, in collaboration with Capgemini, wanted at the event “In Contact” which brought together journalists, politicians, military a solution enabling them to:

  • Create interaction during the event
  • Communicate information to participants

Our Answer

  • Development of a MobApp application allowing all guests to be able to ask questions, consult the biography of the speakers, the event plan or participate in the development of a word cloud.

    The application was developed by respecting the graphic codes and colors of the Army.

    To allow all guests to have access to the application, 700 iPads were praised and made available to guests on the day of the event.

Résultats | Bénéfices

  • Working session and fun knowledge test with a quiz following the screening of a film to analyse the best behaviour, the best decision to make….
  • Strong military involvement with a strong interest in application and interactive possibilities.