22 May 2015

AREVA – MobApp


Areva | MobApp



Lever de Rideau (agency in charge of the project) and Areva organized the International Convention “Recycling Day”. As part of this agreement, Areva wanted the development of an interactive application that contains several informative and interactive modules. Interactivity will be done via iPads present on 35 tables.

Our Answer

Development of our MobApp application allowing participants to interact for the duration of the event.

The application has the following modules:

  • Lists of participants,
  • Questions word clouds,
  • Quiz,
  • Useful information,
  • Documents.

The application was carried out respecting the graphic codes and colors of AREVA. The application works on a local network, no internet connection is required.

Results | This solution helped to

  • Development of a word cloud from a question that has been ask through the app
  • Application connected via LAN