3 June 2019

Campanile Trophées – WebApp voting


Campanile - Les Trophées de la Création Lyonnaise



Campanile wanted to organize a secure vote, and to be able to identify the voter by e-mail.

The voting system had to be easy and non-binding, over a period of one month.

The votes involved 8 categories, and a visual identification of the 40 candidates was required, as well as a description.

Our Answer

MobilActif has developed a web application for Voting. No installation required: TDLC2019.COM

This web application allows the public to vote quietly, at its own pace, through 8 different categories, with a visual and a small description of the 40 candidates.

Once the votes of the different categories were taken into account, the participant was asked to enter his email address.

It is only once validated by this e-mail that his vote was counted.

Results | This solution helped to

  • More than 3000 votes received
  • Secure voting
  • Identification of Voters
Campanile testimony

“Testimony about to come ……..”


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