28 June 2019

Break the Wall reveal – perfect animation to reveal a new item

break the wall

Break the Wall : product reveal
The animation that breaks bricks!!!

Thanks to the Product Reveal, you allow your participants to reveal an image, a logo, or a video by themselves, via a web application or an application dedicated to the event!

Participants throw virtual objects at the giant screen, which becomes a real playground.

A perfect animation for your plenary reveals!

How does it works ?

  • Participants connect to a webapp (dedicated URL) or an application dedicated to your event.
  • Using their smartphone, participants aim for the screen by projecting the object on their phone (a ball, a painting ball, a dart).
  • By breaking the boxes that hide what is in the background, they reveal themselves what could be, for example, the company’s new logo!
An example ...

Breaking the Wall advantages

  • Waouh effect guaranteed! Just like our LogoLive, participants will be focused on the screen to discover what is behind the wall…
  • Hyper-customization: you customize your wall, your application, the product/logo to discover.
  • Maximum involvement rate: it is the participants themselves who reveal what is behind the wall.
  • Entertaining: the fun and dynamic side promotes the participation and involvement of guests.


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