6 June 2019

360 Streaming of your events


immersion at the heart of your event

Attend an event without moving? It is now possible thanks to the 360 streaming! Immerse the spectators at the heart of your event in total immersion with the professional 360-degree camera. The Insta360 Pro films in 8K and can stream in 4K. An exceptional quality that allows it to be the best camera on the market!

Stream your live 360 on Youtube (in public or totally private mode) or on Facebook. Engage your audience with the latest technologies available to all!

The idea is total immersion in your event.

Relive, in total immersion, the breakfast of the Mobile Marketing Association France on SDKs!

L’insta360 Pro est l’arme ultime pour les professionnels The insta360 Pro is the ultimate weapon for virtual reality (VR) 360° video professionals, offering exceptional performance in 8K ultra-high definition.


Discover the features, the particularities and more of the 360 video camera. This state-of-the-art camera will allow you to provide a fluid image of very good quality, especially thanks to the new H265 codec!

We provide you with a professional technical team, which is responsible for installing the camera and broadcasting your event on the networks.

This video convinced you? Then it is possible to rent our Insta360 Pro camera for only 300€ per day.

The complete kit for the rental of the Insta360 Pro:

1 x Insta360 Pro Camera
1 x Power adapter
1 x Data cable type C
1 x USB Ethernet
1 x Battery
1 x Lens protection
1 x Transport Pack
1 x Network cable

Don’t you dare make the leap with streaming 360?

We offer you a more conventional system, with a simple recovery of your camera flow. A less immersive process, but just as efficient!

  • Broadcast: A transmission on the platform of your choice (Facebook, You Tube, Twitch, website).
  • Interactivity: Reactions/questions from your participants in advance of the event and you can answer them live.
  • Availability: Your event is recorded and available in VOD, immediately after the event.
  • Synchronization: We are in charge of synchronizing the slide display with live streaming, to capture a maximum audience.

Example of streaming realized for l’Oréal :